Logo Design

Starting a new business? A logo can do wonders. Answer all of your logo designing needs with Analog Technologies, one of the leaders of Graphic designing agencies. We provide you with various services, including logo design. Our team of experienced designers can help create the perfect logo for your brand that will help customers identify your brand, making you stand out from the crowd and establish a legacy that will last years.

We know the importance of logos is well recognised within business owners, and business enthusiasts. As they say, a first impression always lasts. So is the case with logos as it is usually the first view any potential customer gets on you. You would also like to put logos on banners, advertisements, your website etc. Which makes it the omnipresent representation of your services which a customer is likely to associate with.

Typical Custom Lettering Logo Costs In

The hourly rate charged by graphic designers varies from $40-$600, but averages $65-$90 an hour in most of and , inning accordance with a survey by HOW magazine. The hourly rate is normally based on prevailing regional fees along with the graphic designer’s skills and credibility. Basic or easy tasks might be billed at a flat rate. But many quotes are based upon an price quote of the time involved and complexity multiplied by the designer’s hourly rate. Designing a logo to symbolically represent your product starts around $130-$650 for an online graphics design service utilizing standardized templates.

Just how much Must A Quality Logo Cost In

Many companies know that they just can’t afford to botch their logo: it will function as the first impression and continuous initial point of contact with all prospective customers. Whereas an emotionally-charged, aesthetically-pleasing project can draw customers to a brand, a badly created one can repulse clients.

Logo Designs Are One area Of Branding development Where You can’t pay For To Cut Corners.

Creating a strong identity can gain unlimited benefits from increased awareness to sales and even long-lasting loyalty. There are several choices when it pertains to design: produce an internal version, crowdsource it, work with a branding studio or employ an outside designer.

When It’s Time To Refresh Your Logo

Aside from your brand name, your business logo is among the most crucial things individuals will discover when they find your brand for the first time- and it’s something they’ll continue to see and notice whenever they encounter your brand in the future. It’s vital that your logo design informs the right story about your business. You desire it to communicate your personality and have it be immediately recognizable as unique to your company.

But the reality is no identity can stay relevant permanently. Times change and so do design sensibilities and standards. Companies alter too, and the logo design that spoke volumes when your business was formed might not make good sense if you pivot or go through a considerable change to your company.

You don’t constantly need to start from scratch. If your logo design is a bit tired looking and losing its original allure, it might be possible to refresh it up and return it to its previous magnificence.

The Variety Of Logo Design Types From Our Company in

Our Specialty: Hand Made Lettering Logos

Beautiful and unique custom lettering is perfect for businesses needing one of the kind identity and people looking for truly unique tattoos and t-shirt designs.

Interesting handmade lettering adds an element of personality to the artwork. Creating it takes an extraordinary amount of time and talent to get right, but the results really shine.

An absolutely unique design can only be made with hands, as opposed to using an existing digital font. The lettering artists can incorporate their own custom ligatures, tails and loops for even more uniqueness.

Iconic Logo

Iconic logos utilize imagery to communicate abstract or literal representation of a service or product. Produce a distinct identity in the market with the iconic logos created by our specialists. We offer logo design services that completely accommodate your service needs and help with your brand image enhancement.

Textual Logo

A textual logo utilizes unique and distinctive typeface to show the name of a business in the most enticing manner. Frequently it has actually been observed that though these logo designs might look easy however their simplicity gives them an edge over other logo design designs. Design a logo design from our designers that is basic yet elegant that helps you to deliver your service message among your prospects and clients.

Illustrative Logo

Illustrative logos include comprehensive developing in addition to brilliant colors. Portray the highlighted features of your service with extremely creative and enticing illustrative logo designs. Stand apart among your rivals and make your mark in the industry with the stunning creations of our designers.

3D Logo

3D logos create an illusion of depth on a 2D surface that helps to provide a reasonable touch to the logo design. Immediately capture the attention of consumers with immaculately developed 3D logo design from our creative designers. With remarkable visual results and dynamic colors, your logo will definitely make a strong influence on your consumers.

Emblem Logo

Symbol logos encase the name of the company with gorgeous designs. The emblem logos created by us assist you to create that perfect impression that aids with your brand prominence and service development.


With such valuable functions, you would certainly not like your logo to fail to capture the essence of your brand. Which is why, you need to choose us. We have a skilful team of designers , who have years worth of experience in making logos for our clients, who are very satisfied with the work we provide. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

We understand your customers -

Before we start designing your logo we make sure that we have full knowledge of your business and the products you offer. We also make efforts to understand your audience and what the base demands from you. We also, check into your competition to ensure that you stand out from all.

We lay emphasis on variation -

We always create different variations of the same logo to be used on different platforms. A logo that may attract viewers on one platform say social media, may not attract those in newspapers. That is why, we create many kinds of the same logo with the core values to intact and give our clients those variations if they so desire.

Experience -

As stated prior, our team is composed of highly experienced designers. That is our designers are well versed about, colour psychology and how to use fonts to attract potential customers.

Affordable -

Last but not the least, our services are highly affordable and available in different packages without any compromise on quality.